Fireworks In New Year

Fireworks in new year –

Fireworks are the good way the celebrate the new year, it is a very good activity and fireworks are always looks very awesome in the sky then they are going to the sky, it makes feel better and awesome in this time,but that fireworks is the bad health and environment, fireworks are created as the new year and party and festival. why is bad for health and how does it pollute the environment. Research of institute water research hazardous materials shows that metallic particles used in fireworks is hazardous to health and most especially for those suffering from respiratory issues. firework are color red strontium and lithium salts or carbonates according to american chemical society strontium is highly toxic to the body and environment.Fireworks In New Year , All people are buy the Crackers and make the fireworks in the midnight. you enjoy and happy the new year…

Big City are the Fireworks in the new year night. 31st December mid night 12 am O’Clock and the firework in the sky they are cracker there and looking so awesome and nice. Many people are the firework and fire the cracker and enjoy the new year party and take the drink and delisiyus food and all people are enjoy the new year and celebrate the new year. And bring the light the whol city are there brightnash. beuty full color are the lighting there. But Firework are the not us full and good the environment . fireworks and cracker are the polluted the environment and world. So you not the fireworks and cracker are there. not the many firework used. Many people are the fire many cracker and fireworks. So environment are the polluted now days. So you Do not the allot of fireworks and cracker that days. so you a very happy new year in Advance.

1-) khoob jalenge pathakhe, khoob milega mithaiyan.

purana sall gujrega or naya saal ki milengi badhaiyan.

2-) Andera Asma bhi hoga Roshan sa jagmagata,

jab hoga naya sal ka agaj tab hoga shusiyon ka aahat.

3-) hawaiyan jab udengi or photengi jab ashman main,

har koin ish najare ko sametega or rakhega apne juban main.

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